Into the rain

Paddling on rainy days can suck your left energy. But quite often the rain will bring very special weather moods with it too, that can be enjoyed als long as you have enough energy left.


Sea kayaker t-shirts

At "spread shirt" I tryed to design some T-shirts for me and my friends:

more about that you can find here: http://178478.spreadshirt.net/-/-/Shop/

230 km on the Pembrokeshire Cost

In may / june 2006 we hiked for 230 km along the breath taking pembrokeshire coast path.

Quite often I wished a sea kayak would have fit into my rucksack. To rent a kayak here is almost impossible unless you are willing to spend a fortune and have a BCU 4 star paper. We have neitehr a fortune nor a " 4 star" paper.
So here are some pictures from the hikers perspective. I start with some arches that we found on our trip.


sea kayak "art"

I tryed to work with some sea kayak pictures. It´s not truely art, but looks somehow nice. I think :-)

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