bottle lake

Our home lake (Plön) is about 10 kilometers long and 2- 9 kilometers wide. The majority of paddlers will pass trough the big lake on the main route to follow the river Schwentine. That way they will miss the the east side of the lake with it´s little secrets. A small secluded bay that is surrounded by decidius trees consistig of weeping willows, beech trees, ash and alder. This bay is a great retreat in the buisy summertime.
The lake has the shape of a west german whine bottle wich has a pretty round belly and a rather short throat, thus I call it Bocksbeutel lake (the name of this kind of bottle).


Surf spots on the western Baltic Sea

I put some of my favorite surfing spots on the western Baltic Sea into a small discription togehter with some Google earth maps. But it is written in German language on my liquidmedicine.de website.


earth, sun and moon will survive

What for a wonderful dust around my home yesterday. After Photographing the nice sun down I turned around and saw this clear full moon:


Surfing Westermarkelsdorf III

This time it´s Cathrins turn to go out into the cold baltic sea.


"wave clean" - washing mashine

Basti in the washing mashine,
afterwards nice and clean.

More to come from that day...


Surfing Westermarkelsdorf

I still can´t go paddling unfortunatelly. But at least I can go with my friends to take some pictures when they are kayak surfing. The pictures became better than my average, because when I go paddling too, I will make pictures for 10 minits, then go to the water myself. This time I was photographing for the whole session. At first I like to show you a cool run from Carsten:


Who likes dark , clouds and rain? I do !

In the spring of 2007 we often went out to catch some waves on our coast. As I am a windsurfer too, I know all the small hooks in the shoreline that produce a little better waves than the everage ones on the tourist beaches. Our small waves normmaly come with westerly winds. This direction in winter and spring normally means rain, fat clouds, realativly warm weather but stronger winds too. So I am always happy if the next deep pressure is heading in from the Sea.


sea kayak desktop calendar 2008 , 12 pics from Norway; Germany, Eastern Canada...

If you like to change your wallpapers from time to time you might find some intersting pictures in between my 12 sea kayaking pictures for 2008. Free download, private use only. The pictures are in 1280 x 1024 and 1024 x 768 as Zip files and can be found here.


Winter hiking in sand stone cliffs

We have recently been out for a 3 days winter hike in the national park "Sächsische Schweiz" in eastern Germany. The area is famous for it´s climbing possiblities. As we are no climbers, we where keen on the other characteristical feature of that area. It´s called "boofen". Boofen means that you can sleep in a kind of small caves. There are about 50 offical caves that can be used.

The winter and night temperatures where a nice test of our sleeping bags in winidy conditions without a tent. At -7 and wind force 1-4 two of our bags the profed to be warm. But Sebastian´s in his old bag really had two cold nights in a row.

With alle the snow to melt we did not need to carry water. That made the backpack quite light together with the fact of no need for a tent. But we met a poor guy that was carrying a 30 kg pack around. He was not aware of the caves in advance.

The sandstone formations are spectakular like those on the picture up which shows us hiking the way to the "monkey stones". A realy nice place that was worth travelling 600 km on way by car.
More pictures from that trip you can find here: .


celebrating 0:00 2008 on the the lake in a canoe

We where talking about it for years: Spending new year on our lake in a canoe and watching the firewoks in the wind shadow of the Island Olsborg. This year we really made it with 5 person on a 10 pesrson team canoe. It was lots of fun to watch and listen the spectacle around new year from another perspective.

But first we needed to work a bit because an over hanging tree had blocked the way in the river that flows from our club house to the lake. So we cut it in parts to give way for the big boat.

The pictures look a little strange because they are long time exposures and the camera lay down on the canoes rim, thus small wakes caused the strange movement.