Paddling under clouds

Some days you dont recognize the clouds when you paddle. Some day you do.
This special day had two totally different views for us. onse side was boring, grey the other direction view was just breathtaking great.

We love our small lake for its moods:


Desktop calender 2009

I tryed to chose some of my sea kayak pictures from the year 2008 for the free desktop calender 2009 that you can download under the following link ( size 1280 x 1024 and 1024 x 760 pix):


Hope you like it!

This is an overview of the pictures:


Have u seen Santa ?

I did see him on a saturday surfing session.


A november week in the swedish skerries.

The last ten years i have been to to Sweden or Norway at least once a year. But it was already november 2008 and I was pretty late. Thus I took one week holidays, to do a spontaneus trip to the eastern skerries south of stockholm.

I was very keen on testing my new P&H Cetus, that I got recently, on his first "longer" camping trip.

Good decision. The possibility to make fire at thze campside made it feel warmer than some of my summer trips. It´s was a silent solo week with the sound´s of nothern nature: nothern baltic seals popping up behind me and blowing like a whale, long taild dugs flying by to check who is this strange orange thing on the water, a complaining couple of Swans in every bay, wind in the pine crowns and the cracking of fire....

When I refilling my car on a swedish gas staion on the way back I read in a swedish newspaper: "Chaos Strom weekend over Sweden".
Well my week was windy and raniy but I did not feel the weather was especially bad.
I haven´t missed a day paddling, what may show how well you can hide between all those islands.

Great trip: I will be back for each of the next 10 years hopefully


A German fjord and the vikings

Well, you can´t expect towering mountains here at the Schlei fjord like in Norway. But a loveyly sourrounding with sandy beaches, towering beech forests and a cute lighthouse will make for a nice weekend too. The only link to the northern fjords are the people that once lived here: The Vikings with their old city of Haitabu . A rich history of baltic trades and war...


The lighthouse of Behrensdorf

It is run by the navy was built 1915. The red brick tower is out of funktion since 1996 and only used for the occantional army shooting from Todendorf as a warning signal.
It´s light is carried 40 Meter over the sea:

The sourrounding landcape in mai


Into the rain

Paddling on rainy days can suck your left energy. But quite often the rain will bring very special weather moods with it too, that can be enjoyed als long as you have enough energy left.


Sea kayaker t-shirts

At "spread shirt" I tryed to design some T-shirts for me and my friends:

more about that you can find here: http://178478.spreadshirt.net/-/-/Shop/

230 km on the Pembrokeshire Cost

In may / june 2006 we hiked for 230 km along the breath taking pembrokeshire coast path.

Quite often I wished a sea kayak would have fit into my rucksack. To rent a kayak here is almost impossible unless you are willing to spend a fortune and have a BCU 4 star paper. We have neitehr a fortune nor a " 4 star" paper.
So here are some pictures from the hikers perspective. I start with some arches that we found on our trip.


sea kayak "art"

I tryed to work with some sea kayak pictures. It´s not truely art, but looks somehow nice. I think :-)

click to enlarge

click to enlarge


Wave explosion

on the batic sea today. more later:


A heavan destination of small islands

South danish island sea

In autums 2006 my friend Jörg and me went for a long weekend to the danish south eastern baltic sea. The area is famous for it´s small islands and lovely villages. It is a relativly protected area from the wind, so a good alternative when other places are to rough.

We originaly planed a trip to German north sea coast, but the weather forecast was too bad, so we chose this small gem in southern denmark.

The character of the baltic sea in this area is of gentle small island with sandy beaches often accompanied by a sand wall coast. No high walls but nice sand dunes.

Jörg successfully tried his kite to pull his boat. He used his umbrella to comare and found the kite to be much more effective.

The first day a thunder storm came over us just as we had been on a 12 km crossing. Though we where lucky, it didn´t come that bad.

The island are linked with small ferrys, to the mainland of Denmrak.

The last day we where to lazy to continue paddling against a force 6 for another 20 km, so we chose the ferry to come back to our starting point.