Small video about surf ski kayaking in Tarifa with Boyan from Epic surf ski camp. March 2013. Spein - Tarifa to Getares.
Time Laps video from Northern light and a ski touring in the mountains of northern Sweden in Winter:
Northern Light and some skiing in the Swedish fjäll from liquidmedicine on Vimeo


Baltic surf with a Delphin 155

The seldom wind from the north east brought a gift in form of waves. The result was a nice afternoon surfing. It´s a pity those waves don´t usually develop in summer. Ferbuary and minus 1 degrees, with force 5-6 is pretty much like paddling in a freezer ....



desktop picture February

The picture for february shows the German island Helgoland which is the only part of German North Sea coast with cliffs. The lighthouse is sending it´s rays into a winter morning in 2013.