4 Seals, ice and sunshine, Ingredients for a touring day

On the Limfjord. Again we are very lucky with the weather. This time even 4 Seals follow us and are curious about our boats. Some ice on the shores. Yes its a perfekt first week of 2009.


Noerre Vorupoer a dansih surfing gem

Noerre Vorupoer is the southern neighbour of Klitmoelller and a famous surfer spot too. The perfekt conditions should bw Swell from the southern directions. We had nortehrn Swell, but even in those "bad " conditions it was one of our nicest surfing days.

The village is famous in denmark for the fishing boats are pulled up on the shore. There is no real Habour.

Hao was taking pictures in nice light conditions. Cathrin, Carsten and Me where having fun in Swell without wind. Something you don´t come across the baltic sea every day, where we come from.


Ice breaker in The Limfjord

No wind. Minus 7 degrees, Snow, no waves. What to do in the surfing paradise?
Of course there is a back door. Just 30 Kilometer away form Klitmoeller stretches the Limfjord, a narrow band of brackish water that streches all across northern Denmark from coast to coast. Its easy to find a spot for day touring here:

The shores of the north sea are nice to hike too:


Hawai of the north, the next day

Force 6 -7 Wind has send caos waves to our "home spot" Klitmoeller (The place we rent a holiday cabin).
So went to see the famous spot Hanstholm first befor launching the boats. But the waves there were really ugly from our view. So we watched the wonderful lighthouse and tryed our luck on the home spot again.

Cathrins cool candle.

Pics from the sormy sea in front of Hanstholm Harbour and the nice lighthouse on top of a 65 meter high dune:


Paddling Klitmöller Hawai of Denmark, day one

A nice small swell wecomes us on the spot. No real surfer or windsurfer in view. Thats fine we have the spot all to ourselves and the waves are not to big big for us "baltic mini wave riders".


A lighthouse that is vanishing in the sand

On our visit of northern Denmak we came across Rudbjerg Knude. It´s a Lighthouse already abandoned since 40 years. It´s vanishing in the sands of a moving dune.
As we arrived the wind was blowing force 7. Now we can imagine a sand storm in the Saharra desert. Out to be like this mystic danish place: