Winter hiking in sand stone cliffs

We have recently been out for a 3 days winter hike in the national park "Sächsische Schweiz" in eastern Germany. The area is famous for it´s climbing possiblities. As we are no climbers, we where keen on the other characteristical feature of that area. It´s called "boofen". Boofen means that you can sleep in a kind of small caves. There are about 50 offical caves that can be used.

The winter and night temperatures where a nice test of our sleeping bags in winidy conditions without a tent. At -7 and wind force 1-4 two of our bags the profed to be warm. But Sebastian´s in his old bag really had two cold nights in a row.

With alle the snow to melt we did not need to carry water. That made the backpack quite light together with the fact of no need for a tent. But we met a poor guy that was carrying a 30 kg pack around. He was not aware of the caves in advance.

The sandstone formations are spectakular like those on the picture up which shows us hiking the way to the "monkey stones". A realy nice place that was worth travelling 600 km on way by car.
More pictures from that trip you can find here: .

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