A heavan destination of small islands

South danish island sea

In autums 2006 my friend Jörg and me went for a long weekend to the danish south eastern baltic sea. The area is famous for it´s small islands and lovely villages. It is a relativly protected area from the wind, so a good alternative when other places are to rough.

We originaly planed a trip to German north sea coast, but the weather forecast was too bad, so we chose this small gem in southern denmark.

The character of the baltic sea in this area is of gentle small island with sandy beaches often accompanied by a sand wall coast. No high walls but nice sand dunes.

Jörg successfully tried his kite to pull his boat. He used his umbrella to comare and found the kite to be much more effective.

The first day a thunder storm came over us just as we had been on a 12 km crossing. Though we where lucky, it didn´t come that bad.

The island are linked with small ferrys, to the mainland of Denmrak.

The last day we where to lazy to continue paddling against a force 6 for another 20 km, so we chose the ferry to come back to our starting point.

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