A november week in the swedish skerries.

The last ten years i have been to to Sweden or Norway at least once a year. But it was already november 2008 and I was pretty late. Thus I took one week holidays, to do a spontaneus trip to the eastern skerries south of stockholm.

I was very keen on testing my new P&H Cetus, that I got recently, on his first "longer" camping trip.

Good decision. The possibility to make fire at thze campside made it feel warmer than some of my summer trips. It´s was a silent solo week with the sound´s of nothern nature: nothern baltic seals popping up behind me and blowing like a whale, long taild dugs flying by to check who is this strange orange thing on the water, a complaining couple of Swans in every bay, wind in the pine crowns and the cracking of fire....

When I refilling my car on a swedish gas staion on the way back I read in a swedish newspaper: "Chaos Strom weekend over Sweden".
Well my week was windy and raniy but I did not feel the weather was especially bad.
I haven´t missed a day paddling, what may show how well you can hide between all those islands.

Great trip: I will be back for each of the next 10 years hopefully

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