The lighthouse of Livorno Italy

On our journey to Corsika we needed to stay one day in Livorno, an Italian
harbour town, because of a lack of Ferries. So we had time to explore the maritime history of the city a little and came across the lighthouse which was build 1304, then destroyed in the second world war. Rebuilt in 1956 to match the old tower it´s white Light can reach 24 miles out into the sea nowadays. In the harbour we have seen the traditional Sailing Ship Amrigo
Vespucci, an amazing craft.


Helge Helligsøe hat gesagt…

REALLY nice pictures in this entry. Especially the red picture with the ship in the horizon - great!

Best regards Helge

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi Helge, Yes, ships on the horizon are really faszinating for me too.