Kayaking Denmarks Limfjorden & more

Searching in my old file libary I found some pictures from kayaking, biking and hiking in Denmarks Limfjorden. A trip that we did 2004. As I have not shown it on the web I thought some of the ipressions might be interesting to watch.

The area is perfect to rent a typical danish holiday cabin. From the "headquater you can go sea kayaking in the arms of the Limfjorden or on the beaches of the north sea. If the wind is right you might get some of the best waves of nothern Europe in Klittmöller, Hanstholm or Nörre. But once the waves get bigger they might be not suitable for sea kayakers anymore. Then you better keep in the inside of the breakwater shadows. But there is more than kayaking. Sand beaches with high dunes that strech over 60 kilometers and that are are empty even in the peak season of august. Thus we took our mountain bikes to explore the nice area from the land side too.
We plan to be back for a long weekend 2008 again...

More pictures of that trip you can find here

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