Norway article in Ocean Paddler VI

Somehow the cover of the Ocean Paddler 6 seems well known to me :-)

Me and my two friends Cahtrin nad Carsten where paddling in Helgeland Norway for nine days. We where inspired by the pictures from Erik Sjösted´s Blog who has been there several times before and shown the area to the internet community. The place in really magical as the mountains rise directly from the sea level sometimes for more than 3000 feet.

Despite the rough looking scenery you can find sand beaches and meadows to pitch up your tent around every corner of the small islands. Funny was that we met two british paddlers, that where featured in Ocean Paddler 5....

More pictures from this trip you can find here:


Anna N. hat gesagt…

Very nice pictures. I wish would go there too! How about the weather there? Wenn ist the best time to go there?

Björn hat gesagt…

Thanks Anna

The weather is changing every day between sund and rain, wind has to expectet. Summer is the best time to visit.


Anna N. hat gesagt…

And the temperature?

Björn hat gesagt…

well, around 15-20 but 4 and 30 dergrees are possible too. Björn