Kayaking with wales in Quebec, Tadoussac

It was nat the first time we encountered wales in a sea kayak. Whe had see harbour porpoises in the Geman North Sea occationally. But the mouth of the saugney fjord in Tadoussac Quebec is known as a rich feeding for differnt wale species. So we where haeding out in a rented double oil tanker like doulbe kayak. But who cares the boat if you have the prospect of seeing beluga and minki wales? So against the tide to the main spot, and we are lucky! A minke wale is surfacing 20 Meter to our right. We keep paddling against the tide, thus kann keep our positin. It surfaces again on a totaly unexpected place again. Something that we later learned, was a characteristical for mink wales. Next we turned around, out with the flow into the sait lorent river.

And incedeably lucky again. 6 Belugas are heading straight into our direction. We stopp paddling and wait excited. Like a in a paddlers dream the beluga group is coming closer, popping up and blowing. Soon the reach us. 2 of them dive directly under our kayak. The one on my side seems to wacth me. Its great the water is so clear. That short moment is surely one of the highlights in my 20 years kayaking. Hao my wife is happy too and wants to rent a kayak the next day too, watching wales...
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